Quality Boat Towing Services

Bradford Marine is proud to offer reliable boat towing services in South Florida and the Bahamas. With the Bradford Marine boat towing services, we make navigating Fort Lauderdale’s busy New River or the complicated shallow waters of the Bahamas a breeze. Our experienced captains will help you in an emergency or assist you with getting you through a tight spot!

Bradford Marine Towing in South Florida offers 8000 lbs of Bollard Pull for New River and South Florida.

Bradford Marine Bahamas Yacht Towing & Salvage operates quality services from Freeport Harbour on Grand Bahama Island, just 90 miles from the Florida coast.

Boat Towing in Florida & the Bahamas

Available for both scheduled on-water towing services and for emergency times in urgent need, our legendary tug  boats will safely deliver you to your destination in the Florida area or in the waters of the Bahamas. Just one more way that Bradford Marine is able to offer Yacht Ownership Simplified to yacht captains and owners.

Safe and reliable towing services are our goal at Bradford Marine. Our Captains are reliable, professional and experts at navigating the waterways of South Florida and the Bahamas.


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3051 West State Road 84

Fort Lauderdale, Florida


Refit & Repair

Tel: 954-791-3800

Email: service@bradford-marine.com

Fax: 954-583-8759

Yacht Sales

Phone: 954-377-3900

Email: sales@bradford-marine.com

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Contact Information


Freeport, Grand Bahama,



Phone: 242-352-7711

Email: bahamas@bradford-marine.com

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