Christian Brabender

Christian Brabender

Yacht Broker

Christian found his love for water and for boating early on in life, having grown up on the North Shore of Long Island.  He had his first boat at the age of 12 and hasn’t looked back since.

Christian has an Undergraduate Degree in finance from St. John’s University and attended Dowling College for Graduate Studies.

He is known for his heartfelt commitment to his customers, as well as his belief in always delivering on his promises. He works closely with his clients so that they are fully trained on the boat that best suits their lifestyle. He regularly invests the time to drive their boats to and from New York and Florida.

Having worked with several major brands, Christian possesses diverse products knowledge. From manufacturing boats, to long voyages between Canada and the Caribbean, his technical know-how along with his strong product and industry knowledge is a major asset to his client. His relationship with his clients is well known, as many evolve into friendships on the water.