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Use Options

Use Options

Possible uses for Bradford Marine Steel Deck Barges include: Utility Barges, Construction Barges or Work Platforms, Crane Barges, Spud Barges, Harbor Material or Vehicle Transports Barges.

Equipment Options

Equipment Options

Equipment options for Bradford Marine Steel Deck Barges are: Bow Ramps, Bin Walls, Towing Skegs, Hydraulic Winch Systems, Towing Lights.

Additional Specs

Additional Specs

Bradford Marine Steel Deck Barges have high capacity per square foot for deck loading, all tanks are fully painted with epoxy coating system, including high durability deck paint, and have four spud wells with two spuds.

Custom Options

Custom Options

Bradford Marine Steel Deck Barges can be customized and manufactured to fit your specifications.

About Our Barge Construction

Quality Barge Construction

The Bradford Marine Barge 110-12 is 110 feet long, 40 feet wide with 2 1/2 foot draft. Our Steel Deck Barges are multi-purpose with extra vertical stiffeners to provide a higher deck load capacity for transportation of large equipment, containers and bulk cargoes.

Barges from Bradford Marine in the Bahamas

Bradford Marine Steel Deck Barges can be customized, and are available for sale. Please contact our Bahamas office today for more details and availability!

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Customized Options




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