Dockwalk – Yard News / Bradford Marine Expands

Dockwalk – Yard News / Bradford Marine Expands

Yard News / Bradford Marine Expands

by Lauren Beck – Dockwalk

Phase one of Bradford’s multi-part improvement project is under way. The facility, which was acquired more than a year ago by Fort Lauderdale Yacht Harbor, will see new improvements to both short- and long-term dockage and its repair and maintenance facilities.

“We’re really focused on how we make it an even better environment for captains or crew, who are basically living on the property when their yachts are there for multiple months,” says John Kelly, Chief Executive Officer of Fort Lauderdale Yacht Harbor. Kelly says they want to take their business experience and love for yachting and ensure they’re contributing to the Broward County marine industry in a way that reinforces why this is the yachting capital of the world.

Understandably, they are very focused on improving the amenities, both in their Lauderdale and in their Freeport, Bahamas, facility. On the docket for the phase one Fort Lauderdale upgrades include a complete facelift to the facilities, a beautification project that includes landscaping, new paving, secure, expanding parking, improved traffic flow, enhanced security throughout – including a gated entrance with security guard and onsite 24/7 security. Electric service will also be upgraded, and a new high-speed fiber optic connection will be installed. “From an entertainment and business perspective, since the captain and the crew are conducting business on board these vessels, we want to make sure that they have a very high-speed connection,” Kelly says.

A crew fitness center is now available, plus Bradford Marine plans to roll out new social programming for captains and crew. The plan is also to build an outdoor area on the river, which will include a pool, grill area, and Tiki bar.

“There’s a lot we want to do with this yard,” Kelly says.  “Technology is going to help make those [yachts] that much more efficient, that much easier to own and maintain. But you have to have the infrastructure necessary to make that technology work. And that’s something that, both today and as we look forward, we’re already making improvements to ensure that we’re going to be able to support the technology.”

Bradford Marine is a hurricane refuge and offers more than 11,000 linear feet of covered dockage, including 220 feet of new floating docks.

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