Bradford Marine has one of the most highly-equipped machine shops in South Florida. To fix vibration issues, we work with a variety of engineers, who perform vibration analyses. Our machine shop experts pinpoint the source of the vibrational issues from the engineering analysis, and our technicians repair the problem.

Our in-house capabilities include:

  • Prop repair and tune up/balance
  • Straightening propeller shafts and shaft fabrication
  • Alignment of shaft line and bearings
  • Engine alignment
  • Balancing of engine mounts or engine mount replacement
  • Laser alignment and optical alignment checks
  • Fit couplings and propellers
  • Dynamic balancing of propellers up to 90 inches
  • Overlay worn shaft journals

We often do work brought to us by other shipyards that do not have the equipment or capabilities that we have.

If you have a tough problem with engine vibration, bring it to Bradford.

To schedule your vibration analysis, or to receive additional information on Bradford Marine’s services,
please contact us at (954) 791-3800 or