John Kelly

John Kelly

Chief Executive Officer

John Kelly is Chief Executive Officer of Bradford Marine. John and Michael, his son, acquired Bradford Marine on January 1, 2019; they are also the owners of the Bradford Marine location in Freeport, Grand Bahama.

Previously, John was the Executive Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors of Crown Castle International (“CCI”); he served as President and Chief Executive Officer prior to his appointment as the Executive Vice Chairman.

Before CCI, John was the President and Chief Operating Officer of Atlantic Cellular Company L.P and President and Chief Operating Officer of Hawaiian Wireless, Inc., an affiliate of Atlantic Cellular.

In 2015, John was inducted into the Wireless Hall of Fame by the Wireless History Foundation in recognition of his extensive accomplishments in the wireless industry. In addition, John was inducted into the Mobile Industry Infrastructure Hall of Fame in 2018 by the Wireless Infrastructure Association for his contributions to the US wireless infrastructure industry.

John Kelly continues to act as an Advisory Director for Berkshire Partners, a Boston based Private Equity firm, which he joined in 2010.

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