Full Array of Services

Fort Lauderdale

Haul / Block / Launch

For your convenience, our Fort Lauderdale facilities feature both a 250-ton Synchrolift – perfect for yachts with classic wood hulls and the most modern composite hulls, and a 150-ton Marine Travelift. With the versatility of both, we can accommodate yachts up to 155′ and 200 tons.

Lift & Haul Out Services

Complete Maintenance Repair & Refit

There’s no better place for your routine maintenance, repair, or custom refit than Bradford Marine. As one of the remaining shipyards that employs all the major trades, Bradford is uniquely positioned to handle all of your needs.

From design to fabrication and installation, Bradford employs expert craftsmen to ensure quality work, and project managers to manage the budget and timeline – so you get the results you expect.

In-Water Covered Dockage

Our facility in Fort Lauderdale is one of the few with more than 5,500 linear feet of covered dockage. It offers protection from the sun, reduced work stoppage due to rain, and shelter from storms.

Safety & Security

With twenty-four-hour manned gatehouse entry and roving security, you can relax knowing that we’re looking out for you, and your yacht. All security personnel are employees of Bradford and take their responsibility seriously to keep you, your yacht, and the premises safe and secure.